Covid-19: supporting Newham’s voluntary sector

An image of the map produced by London Borough of Newham showing the location of key services in Newham responding to Covid-19


We've been commissioned by the London Borough of Newham to work with them during the Covid-19 outbreak, to help map the response of the Voluntary Community and Faith Sector (VCF) and its needs during this time.

What's Happened so far?

We've been circulating a short survey, asking some key questions about how organisations are responding, if they're still open, and what support they need to keep delivering vital services to Newham's most vulnerable residents. Please complete the survey if your organisation has not already done so.

Following on from this a secondary survey was carried out with respondents from the initial survey in June 2020 which focussed on the impact of and on Newham's Voluntary Community and Faith (VCF) sector during the pandemic. We have produced a report sharing our findings.

Read 'Newham's Voluntary, Community and Faith sectors during and beyond the pandemic: an impact survey'(PDF).

Read: Strengthening the sector - supplementary information (PDF)

Read: Provision of services- supplementary information(PDF)

Other resources:

Bereavement Factsheet: Practical help for Newham residents bereaved during Covid-19Available in WORD and in PDF.

List of Newham Voluntary Community and Faith Sector Organisations providing Services to Children and Young People.(PDF)

documents are PDF as to be as accessible as possible, if you need the documents in another format please email us and let us know.

What is done with this information?

Each week we have a meeting with a team at Newham to discuss our latest findings (both from the surveys and from follow up conversations with those who have filled it in), and to highlight provision of services by the VCF, as well as gaps in provision and support needs.

This data is then being used by London Borough of Newham to direct support where it is most needed. It is also being used by them to populate a map of some local service delivery. The map only contains information on some services and where those organisations have indicated that they are happy to publicise their services. Visit the online map of services.

What next?

Compost London will be running workshops to discuss the report and how we can all use it to make a difference. We will focus primarily on what’s needed to strengthen our sector for the future, to feed into council plans to work more collaboratively. The first workshop will be aimed at organisations that completed the survey; future workshops will be for any Newham-based VCF organisation. 

Useful Resources

We also want to share resources and links to content which may be useful to the Voluntary Community and Faith Sector.

Covid-19 specific resources produced by London Borough Newham:

All documents linked here are in PDF format, if you would like any document in an alternative format, please email us.

Compost London can also help to connect Voluntary Community and Faith sector organisations to a growing bank of knowledge and resources about supporting local residents during the pandemic: